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    Shakira performs Hips don’t Lie
    Exclusive on Hollywood.TV Shakira performs Hips don’t lie featuring (Wyclef Jean)at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards in New Your City. Check out this great video. Hollywood and Bollywood are coming closer see for yourself

    Am Anfang ihrer Performance sieht man sehr starke Einflüsse von Bollywood.




    also der Anfang gefällt mir gut aber der Rest :rolleyes:
    Kann nicht allzu viel mit Shakira anfangen ;i



    Also mir gefällt die Musik von Shakira sehr gut, das heißt mir gefielen ihre frühen Werke extrem gut, bevor sie nach Amerika kam um dort zu einer angepassten Britney Spears Darstellerin wurde.

    Besonders empfehlenswert ist dabei der Song Ojos Asi dieser wurde übrigens von einen Bollywoodfan sehr gut eingesetzt in diesen Musikvideo. (Sehens-hörenswert)

    The song „ojos asi“ of Shakira with images of Devdas




    Übrigens passend dazu habe ich einen dementsprechen Artikel gefunden.

    Farah Khan bonds big time with Shakira

    Even as Farah braces herself for the Big Night on Monday to choreograph pop star Shakira’s number Hips don’t lie at Radio City New York, she was seen bonding big-time with the pop icon.

    Squealed Farah from NY, „She’s so tiny! Shakira and I have connected beautifully. She loves the movements that I’ve given her, so much so that she now wants me to do a music video for her. She’s now into classical Indian dancing. In fact she’s got an Indian lady in Chicago to teach her classical mudras. Shakira will be starting her item tonight at Radio City with some mudras.“

    And what’s Shakira wearing for the Grand Slam at Radio City? „We’ve given her a mixture of the Indian and the Columbian look, down to a veil covering her face. Shakira looks very much like one of those classical Indian princess from the Amar Chitra Katha comic books. Nearer our films, the parallel would be the Amrapali costumes that all our heroines from Vyjanthimala to Sridevi have worn in our films. All I can tell you is Shakira is looking damn hot, damn Indian. Do you know there’s a huge hoarding of Shakira in a Sari in NY advertising her item on MTV America tonight.“

    Apparently Shakira loves Shah Rukh. Laughs Farah, „She has seen my Chaiyyan chaiyyan song from Dil Se. She keeps pointing to Shah Rukh in the song and exclaims, “ know that guy.‘ I told her he’s the Tom Cruise of India. I’ve promised her I’d put her on top of a train when I do a music video with her.“

    One of the unexpected pleasures of being in NY? „Karan Johar is also here, though he, lucky bum, is on holiday. We keep taking walks hand in hand. The last time we were here we were so stressed trying to finish the KANK shoot in time. Karan is lucky to take a holiday. Even I’ve been really stressed about KANK and now my husband’s film Jaan-e-Mann.“

    Any butterflies in her stomach about the event tonight? Farah brushes off any apprehensions. „I’m never stressed about anything to do with myself these days. I only get stressed about my husband and his film. But yes, Shakira gave me only two days to rehearse and what we’ve achieved should make all of us in Bollywood proud.“

    Quelle: http://www.indiafm.com/news/2006/09/01/7737/index.html



    Das ist ja klasse. Und sie liebt Shahrukh… wer kann ihr das verübeln?! *g*
    Ich mag die Musik von Shakira und wenn dann noch etwas indischer Flair mit hineinkommt ist das doch toll. 😀

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