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Hier hab das mal abgeschrieben:
While on Sharukh Khan, he was far away from the country and the madding rumours.
Playing purrfect papa to beta, he even took aryan to the FIFA games in germany since the kiddo is a huge football fan. In between all of that he found time to snake in a meeting with AR RAHMAN for his new film OM SHANTI OM to be directed by farah khan. As for farah, she’s too busy wrapping
up her screenplay and wants to kickstart her film in december.
Only once her film goes on the floors. will she seriously think of having a baby, or so she says.

Bitte schön, übrigens es wäre nett wenn mir jemand auf DEUTSCH die Zusammen Fassung erklären könnte, da ich in English nicht so gut bin (5 Klasse erst)

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