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ES IST Wieder SO WEIT !!!

Actions – No Words !!


Charity Concert on 28th August in Berlin for German Doctors for Developing Countries in Kenya, Rollis für Afrika and School Forests for West Africa.

LineUp (more to come):
Ganjaman & Soul Fire Band (Reggae – Dancehall) VolkanikMan & Soul Fire Band (Dancehall – Reggae – Ska)
Ragga Gagga Gang (Ska – Rock – Pop)
Martin Zobel (Acoustic Reggae with Guitar)
Hayat (Acoustic Pop with Guitar and Cajón)
Charity-Allstars: DreadEye (Reggae – Dancehall), I-Kalonji (Reggae – Dancehall), NRG Vibes (Reggae – Dancehall), Doc Rob (Pop – Reggae) more to come
Soundsystem: DJ Bela (Reggae – Ska – Dancehall)
SWS (Reggae – Dancehall – Soca – Reggaeton)
SECOND PROJECT: Charity Concert in Wermelskirchen for German Doctors for Developing Countries and HelpJamaica:


Kunstkasper for Charity, our new project got started. Nadine Chung aka Kunstkasper is a young talented artist from Berlin, Germany. She offers various creations of art and fashion at her online-shop ( http://www.kunstkasper.dawanda.com ) Kunstkasper in order to earn money for the charitable aims of our organization.

more infos : http://www.actions-nowords.com

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