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Hey ShahRukhKhan you is a wonderful person, you are a good actor you are simply wonderful, And I love your films and yours attend here in Germany something has changed. I love you ShahRukh and your films, it are simply the best one. You are sure a nice person and you Loving your fans, I am a big fan of them them are simply perfect tense. I think many fans they know them loves, And we are also pleased about her next attend here in Germany.I never hope this them stop to actors, you enchant millions of people and pull them in a spell, your films Inspire many fans, allle her films are something special. All the same in which she rolls play whether it now a villain is or a romantic. I love all her films.

ShahRukhKhan them are the best actor in this world.

The King of The World

Lots of love from Francisca

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